Steam updating a Anal chating sen

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Steam often uses way more disk space for the install than the size of the game its self. Nevertheless, it's a good idea to check where it currently resides, and how large it is. Update: Steam appears to be back online as of 11 AM PT.

If an update is identified and installed, restart STEAM when prompted to finish the update.

It wasn’t rocket science, but it wasn’t smooth as silk either.

With the new client update, all users have to do is click on the game in their library, right click it, select properties, click the local files tab, choose the move install folder option and then the destination folder.

I check it, and - yep, Steam installation disk really has all its free space mysteriously gone. Does the game need more space to "repack" the resources after downloading the patch? Every update before this also had the same problem.

There's some high Arcadian magic involved, if you ask me. Just how much space exactly do I need to get through it (because having more free space than the game installation itself is and still being unable to patch it makes literally no sense to me)? After finishing the updates before the previously disappeared free space is free again, so I'm under strong impression that those "vanishing gigabytes" are used for some sort of temp files.

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