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Currently, however, this is still "almost science fiction", as there are "three big challenges" that stand between us and digital immortality – challenges that projects such as Carbon Copies and Russia 2045 already believe they can overcome within 40 years."The first is that we have to be able to read all the information that makes up who you are, and this is likely to be achieved destructively by removing the human brain from the body and then preserving, slicing and scanning in the data it contains.

Then there is the challenge to store an amount of information many millions of orders of magnitude bigger than the current computer systems.

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 62 22423 TABLE OF CONTENTS Forewarning 1 Chapter 1: Introduction 7 Chapter 2: Research to Date 19 Chapter 3: In The Cave 41 Chapter 4: Immortality and Automata in Fiction 45 Chapter 5: Immortality as Evolutionary Adaptation 54 Chapter 6: A Philosophy for Immortality 68 Postscript 80 Selected Bibliography 90 Chapter Notes 92 20th Century Bibliography 95 Request for Your Opinion 97 Index 99 THE FOREWARNING by Nathan Duhring 20th Century Books 1500 Harvard N. About five years ago several of us who have been active in Great Books formed a separate educational program to improve on the original by making it more contemporary, scientific, and germane to the existence of modern man.

I think I can do this best by telling you of this book’s origin.

It is astounding considering the fantastic power and desire and hope of immortality through most of history.And finally we need to find a way to animate it."In the end, Cave argues, "theoretically the problems of digital immortality seem solvable, but whether the solutions are practical is another story...Although when it does happen it is simply inevitable that the rich will get there as they have the most power among us."Others are more positive about the prospect of true digital immortality within a generation.It has been proven that mice living on less food to the point of almost starvation can live a few times longer than mice fed on normal amounts of food.Others also say that the lifespan of mammals is related to our heartbeats, i.e.

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