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Fijian men are unsophisticated, happy, friendly,with great abs but not much idea of love making.

Had a chat to a Fijian girl, who says that even she finds Fijian men boring, as its all over so quickly and where was the foreplay.

You're all always welcome to email me at [email protected] any questions you may have but I figure sharing it on here will also help others. I'll say the stuff you may not want to hear but need to. You're definately not the only one feeling this way...

Created inspired by rich man who spoil me look after.

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Then crazy Aussie dating show Kiss Bang Love could be for you.

The stretch of road from the junctions of Queen Elizabeth Drive and Grantham Road will be closed from 4pm today to allow traffic flow to the ANZ Stadium for the Super Rugby match between the Chiefs and the Crusaders.

He will even give you either his post box number or a phone number depending on his employability status. Step outside a resort and visitors are shocked by the poverty. In Western eyes its financial success and all the consumables attached.

My partner lives on the Coral Coast where there are a large number of resorts which employ Fijians for a pittance, lay them off whenever there is no work, give them no superannuation, sick leave, and usually work hours are unspecified ( ie slavery). To a Fijian, if there is food, a roof over your head, working with your mates, and family support - your life is good.

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