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Think of this, instead, as the list Rihanna's friends gave to her after she broke up with Chris Brown… Despite this suspicious feeling that writing this list will guarantee my future as a spinster, here are the 20 qualities you should look for in the person you marry: Regardless if you believe in Satan or sprinkles, your partner should have respect for your views.

Believing in the same things — like Beyoncé as a religion, or coffee as a morning non-negotiable — brings you two closer.

To that end, Alicia helped her out, taking a wipe in hand to help her take the cosmetics off.

Over it, to be honest.'I love the message,' Tamron told her, though she seemed a bit nervous to actually remove her makeup on camera.

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If you’re dating somebody younger, you’ll definitely need advice regarding your musical references.

What’s more, the new investigation – being carried out by archaeologists from the universities’ of Birmingham, Bradford and Vienna – massively increases the evidence linking Stonehenge to pre-historic solar religious beliefs.

It increases the likelihood that the site was originally and primarily associated with sun worship The investigations have also enabled archaeologists to putatively reconstruct the detailed route of a possible religious procession or other ritual event which they suspect may have taken place annually to the north of Stonehenge.

Life together will be pretty boring if you can't learn from each other.

It can be a lesson as small as how to bake chocolate chip cookies with Oreos stuffed in the middle (this has actually turned out to be an important life skill), or something more substantial, like how to use chopsticks properly.

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