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On the back, in another portrait, Veitch's back is turned as he gazes through the same window.

Here, plainly, is someone eager to be depicted as a shadowy, mysterious figure, who has found his own, inscrutable path to wealth.

That means he didn’t race as a 2-year-old, and, as every Derby handicapper knows, the last horse to win the Derby without racing as a 2-year-old was Apollo, in 1882.

However, Gettn’up Morning may have an even better future in store.

It is somewhat easy to comprehend the chemical addiction of a person who abuses substances while the strong psychological compulsions of the process addict are often ignored.

Observers often as why the addictive individual cannot “just stop” or “make better choices.” It is not that simple or easy.

Most Derby winners are retired to the breeding shed after their 3-year-old season, because winning the race makes them such valuable studs.

The Derby is not so much a horse race as a sperm pageant.

Running away to Vegas, the two go on a gambling spree, but things go south when the blonde tries to abscond with a large wad of Broulard's winnings.

Sure enough, in discussing the book at Newmarket races last week, Veitch even declined to give his age (though anyone who reads it carefully may surmise him to be almost, if not quite, 40).

The illustrations within, however, tell a rather more candid story.

As one of probably three people on Earth fixated on early '70s sex film star Gerard Broulard, I was beyond excited to see the previously-lost 1971 film THE LOVE GAMBLER pop up after having long been tantalized by its herky-jerk trailer on Something Weird's XXX GRINDHOUSE TRAILER CLASSICS Volume 6.

A masterpiece of the bizarre, the trailer is narrated direct-to-camera by Broulard in his trademark French purr and seemingly cobbled together out of sync-sound elements, meaning each shot features long sections of dead image at the head as the sound struggles to catch up with the picture (audio being located about a second behind image on 16mm film).

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