Chrisette michele is dating 2016

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According to Chrisette who was joined during the interview by her college ex turned fiancé Doug “Biggs” Ellison, she and the love of her life made amends after YEARS of litigation over a contract.

After hundreds of thousands of dollars spent, the two eventually sat down and ironed out their legal dealings before rekindling their relationship.

June 1, 2016: This past weekend, two very happy and talented young men decided to jump the broom at the Trump Tower International Hotel in Chicago.

The two grooms, Ray and Lorenzo, managed to get a special treat for their wedding – Chrisette Michele sang.

She’s married and her husband cheated on her and she’s so disappointed that she runs into her ex from college who she LOVED and wondered why they didn’t get married and now she’s having all these mixed emotions, which happened to me in real life.

Later she spoke candidly on her love life and broke down the story of her reconciliation with the man she’s planning to marry.

They wound up suing each other and didn’t speak for seven years.

“We got into the music industry and things went haywire with litigation and when litigation was over, we missed each other. There were things in the contract that I felt that he did wrong and I told my lawyers and they were like ‘Oh this is terrible, you’ve got to get out of this! I went from a lawyer to a litigator, then he [Doug] had a litigator and they went back and forth.

The three gentlemen respectfully declined the offer, leaving Michele to make a decision on her own behalf.

Michele then agreed to sing for the President Elect as long as she can perform an R&B set.

On the latest episode of Bossip’s “Don’t Be Scared” podcast Danni, Alex and Jah chat with songstress Chrisette Michele.

While there the songstress dished on her role in Je’Caryous Johnson’s “Married But Single” stage play.

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